• Question: if you couldn't be a scientist what job would you have ?

    Asked by jump358tea to Jia, Galina, Edwina, Brooke on 16 Dec 2019.
    • Photo: Brooke Johnson

      Brooke Johnson answered on 16 Dec 2019:

      Before I was a scientist I worked in lots of different jobs, like in a crisp factory and in a call center. I don’t really want to do those things ago though!

      If I could not do any kind of science then I would be an artist or musician or maybe a teacher!

    • Photo: Edwina Yeo

      Edwina Yeo answered on 16 Dec 2019:

      Like Brooke I used to do other jobs: waitressing and tutoring students. I think if I was not a scientist I would like to be a climbing instructor as I love being outside!

    • Photo: Jia Khoo

      Jia Khoo answered on 1 Jan 2020:

      When I was younger, I thought about becoming a medical doctor. If I were to do something that’s completely unrelated to science, then I would like to become a writer.