• Question: What do you do in your free time?

    Asked by Oscar_Beanz to Timothy, Sarah, Sam, Philippa, Paula, Jia, Galina, Edwina, Brooke, Andrew on 24 Oct 2019. This question was also asked by exit358tea.
    • Photo: Brooke Johnson

      Brooke Johnson answered on 24 Oct 2019:

      I like to do fun creative things like painting and making music. I use my computer to paint pictures of animals and plants and to record songs I write for fun. I like to keep active too and go outside on walks, especially to places where I can look at cool things like rocks!

      I do rowing too which is a big sport here in Oxford, its a lot of fun especially when we do the big college races. I like doing outreach events too, like going to schools to teach students about rocks and fossils or doing events at museums. I make youtube videos about rocks and fossils too.

      Finally I go to visit my cat, who lives with my friend, he is called Mr Richmond and is 14 years old. He is very friendly and likes to sit on my shoulder while I am painting or playing guitar.

      Wow, it seems like I am busy all the time! what do you like to do in your spare time?

    • Photo: Sarah Briggs

      Sarah Briggs answered on 24 Oct 2019:

      I like to be outside (which is a good break from the office!) I spend a lot of time in the garden, mainly growing vegetables, and playing with my kids, and I go running regularly. I love reading, especially historical novels, though I often fall asleep half way through a chapter at the moment. I’m also involved in work with several environmental activism groups which focus on healthcare and the climate, and so sometimes have meetings or work to do with those groups outside of work time.

    • Photo: Edwina Yeo

      Edwina Yeo answered on 25 Oct 2019:

      I like to do climbing! I like indoor and outdoor climbing. I take day trips with the local climbing club on the weekends to nearby mountains and then I climb with friends there. I think being outside clears my head if the week time at work is very busy at hectic!

      I also just hang out at home with my flatmates and watch movies or series on Netflix! My family lives nearby and I also occasionally go to visit my very young nephews to play with them.

    • Photo: Galina Badalova

      Galina Badalova answered on 28 Oct 2019:

      In my spare time I really enjoy going to places and exploring! Weather permitting, of course, I like to get out and about in Oxford (and nearby) – spontaneous trips are often the best ones! One of the highlights from last year was a trip to the Cotswolds. A group of us took a bus and we got off at the wrong city (they all sound so similar!) We then visited a farmer’s market (strawberries were in season!) and attempted to get back to Oxford. Little did we know that buses were going every 2 hours…. So obviously we retreated into a tea room for some sustenance and it ended up being a very nice afternoon.

      When the weather is doomy-and-gloomy I do love meeting up with friends from college. In Oxford University, you treat your college as a “home away from home”. Usually it is a place that you treat like a nice social hub, where you can almost always guarantee that somebody who you know will be there. Common activities include (but not limited to!) watching films together, baking cookies and playing board games (“Catan” sessions can be very emotional!)

      I am reading chemistry DPhil, which can be busy at times, so it is good to unwind whenever you can! Being outdoors is one of the best ways to do so – nothing more relaxing than going on a walk around Port Meadow (cows are very cute) or around University Parks (ducks are also very cute. Not recommended to feed them bread though – stick to frozen peas or seeds!)

    • Photo: Andrew Princep

      Andrew Princep answered on 29 Oct 2019:

      The biggest thing I do with my free time is weightlifting, I spend about 10-14 hours a week training for my next powerlifting competition. This is a lot of fun on its own, but I also teach other people how to lift weights better as well, especially people who have never been in a gym before or who have some kind of injury which makes it difficult for them.
      After that my main pastimes are playing boardgames / videogames and cooking. Because of my training, a lot of my life revolves around eating and getting ready to eat! But I really love cooking a big multi-dish meal for my friends, its a great way to bring people together and have a good time.

    • Photo: Sam Henry

      Sam Henry answered on 8 Nov 2019:

      I love reading (and writing) stories. In the summer I enjoy long cycle rides. I also like to travel and to meet up with friends.

    • Photo: Jia Khoo

      Jia Khoo answered on 11 Nov 2019:

      During my free time I would meet up with my friends for food and board games in Oxford. I also enjoy watching movies and tv series. During weekends I would Skype my parents and we will spend hours chatting about the things happening at home / at Oxford. Even though I am far away from home (as an international student), I have a good relationship with my parents.

    • Photo: Philippa Sinclair

      Philippa Sinclair answered on 16 Dec 2019:

      I play badminton and see my friends and family. It is important to take breaks from your work to relax and have fun because you need to re-charge after a busy week!

    • Photo: Paula Kaanders

      Paula Kaanders answered on 17 Dec 2019:

      I love going to the theatre and sometimes even act in shows myself! Besides this, I travel a lot, mostly within the UK. I really enjoy just taking the train to go hiking somewhere, so I can often be found up in the Lakes or Scotland if I’ve got a spare few days.
      Sports-wise, I like to do yoga and I also occasionally row for my College.