• Question: What is the 5th Dimensional voice that I keep hearing about, apparently there is a new particle that has been discovered, which could be related to the 5th force. There was some word or relevence to dark energy/matter? Any ideas Another question, is how big is the void between the standard model particle and the planck scale? I read somewhere that proposed that if something was the size at the planck scale that an atom would be the size of the universe? please comment

    Asked by zest358tea to Sam, Andrew on 7 Jan 2020.
    • Photo: Sam Henry

      Sam Henry answered on 7 Jan 2020:

      Last year a team announced they had seen a sign of a new particle called “X17” when they were looking at nuclear processes. This could be something very new and exciting as it interacts through a new fundamental force. However this has not yet by confirmed by other researchers, so we don’t know yet if it is real.