• Question: What is the easiest thing to do in science?

    Asked by part358tea to Timothy, Sarah, Sam, Philippa, Paula, Jia, Galina, Edwina, Brooke, Andrew on 6 Jan 2020. This question was also asked by jazz358tea.
    • Photo: Brooke Johnson

      Brooke Johnson answered on 6 Jan 2020:


      the easiest thing to do in science is……just be curious! Science is just a set of guides to help us understand the physical universe around us, there is nothing really special to it. The most important thing is for the scientists like you to be curious! I’m not very clever or special, I am just really really nosey about the world and want to know how everything works.

      Next easiest thing is geology, we just look at rocks and then read them like story books, it’s a lot of fun! 😀

    • Photo: Sam Henry

      Sam Henry answered on 7 Jan 2020:

      The easiest bit of science is asking questions. It’s a bit harder to tell which of these are the important questions. And finding the answers is much harder.

    • Photo: Paula Kaanders

      Paula Kaanders answered on 7 Jan 2020:

      I’m with Sam on this one: I think it’s quite easy thinking of an experiment that nobody’s done before. However, it’s much harder to find out whether or not that’s because it’s not a very interesting experiment to be doing/question to be asking.

    • Photo: Philippa Sinclair

      Philippa Sinclair answered on 8 Jan 2020:

      The easiest thing is to do is an experiment you’ve done lots of times before, so I put a podcast on to listen to while I work.