• Question: what is your favourite topic in science

    Asked by jazz358tea to Timothy, Sarah, Philippa, Paula, Jia, Galina, Edwina, Brooke, Andrew on 6 Jan 2020.
    • Photo: Brooke Johnson

      Brooke Johnson answered on 6 Jan 2020:


      Well, I’m a geologist, so anything geology related is my favourite! But I think that might be cheating, so my favourite non-geology science topics are looking at micro-eukaryotes which are little tiny plants and animals that live literally everywhere on Earth, they are really cool and look like little aliens!
      My next favourite thing are bugs and creepy crawlies, especially weird creatures that live in the deep sea. If I was not studying rocks, I would be studying squids and octopuses cos they are so weird but very intelligent, they can even used tools and dream! 😀

    • Photo: Paula Kaanders

      Paula Kaanders answered on 7 Jan 2020:

      I’m a neuroscientist, so of course I’m most interested in the brain! I do have a broad interest outside my own work that I like to explore in my free time, especially in history (although that’s not typically considered ‘science’). I think I like it so much, because my interest in the human mind means I enjoy learning about people’s thoughts and actions in the past, living in different situations from our own. I think it can even help us learn about the brain in a way!

    • Photo: Philippa Sinclair

      Philippa Sinclair answered on 8 Jan 2020:

      I like Biology the most. I think it’s so much fun to learn about the plants and animals that you can see, especially weird animals like naked mole rats or tardigrades. In my day-to-day work I do plant research, so I also like learning about interesting plants and chatting to my colleagues to see what plants they are working on.