• Question: what was your favourite subject school?

    Asked by part358tea to Timothy, Sarah, Sam, Philippa, Paula, Jia, Galina, Edwina, Brooke, Andrew on 20 Dec 2019.
    • Photo: Brooke Johnson

      Brooke Johnson answered on 20 Dec 2019:

      My favourite was actually art because I could think about science and draw ancient creatures and not have to play by the science rules. But I could also just draw space marines and transformers or whatever too. I’ve taken a lot of the artistic skill and thinking into science and they have been a real help. Like being able to observes things closely and thinking in three dimensions.

    • Photo: Philippa Sinclair

      Philippa Sinclair answered on 20 Dec 2019:

      Hi, I liked science the best at school because I had great teachers. But in your future career you’re not limited to following the subjects you’ve enjoyed most at school – it’s great to think about which parts of each subject you enjoy (e.g. being creative, thinking logically etc) and finding a course of study/job that involves lots of those types of skills rather than the knowledge. Any knowledge, if you are interested in the subject, can be picked up afterwards.

    • Photo: Paula Kaanders

      Paula Kaanders answered on 20 Dec 2019:

      My favourite subject was English. I grew up in The Netherlands, so English is not my first language. In Dutch high schools, all children learn English as a foreign language. I liked this class because the teachers would let us watch loads of American and British TV in class, as it’s a good way to learn the language!

    • Photo: Jia Khoo

      Jia Khoo answered on 31 Dec 2019:

      I enjoy Biology when I was at school. I had excellent Biology instructors and the classes were always very interesting. My school used to have limited resources so I couldn’t perform all the experiments that I wanted to do. Most of the things I learnt were theories from textbooks. This experience made me developed an interest in conducting experiments and finding answers.

    • Photo: Sam Henry

      Sam Henry answered on 7 Jan 2020: